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July 28, 2008, 6:58 am
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I’m not very tech savvy. I own a phone, a laptop, an iPod–no other gadgets. On our runs, I rely on Ivy and her mighty Timex stopwatch to judge my efforts. But with my Timer on a trip this week, I had to hold my phone in my hands on my runs (running with the phone in my shorts pocket almost pulled my shorts down)–a real drag.

I started wishing for my very own timer watch. All I need, I tell myself, is a simple sports watch. No fancy features needed. Simply googling ‘running watch,’ I was astonished by the plethora of sport watches available, each with a more advanced feature than the other models. Amazing what can be measured by a little wrist watch! I’ve been living under a rock (well, I suppose I do live on one.).

Sport watches these days not only tell time, they monitor heart rate, calories, pace, distance, location, temperature. It’s far from being just a watch as I know it; it can be a GPS, a barometer, a personal trainer. Certain models can calculate mile splits and even wirelessly transfer data to a computer to be reviewed and analyzed.

Of all the watches I researched on, the Polar RS800 has the coolest features, although the watch face is likely twice the size of my wrist. It is probably too fancy for a recreational runner like me. But a girl can, and should, always wish.

I did find a more modest model (modest in features, certainly not price)–the Garmin Forerunner 405. I wish they had an orange one to match my shoes, but the green one would be great too. Now the waiting game begins…for a sale, or a gift (wink, wink!)