Falling down
April 26, 2009, 9:18 am
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“Because I’m falling down
With people standing round
But before I hit the ground
Is there time
Could I find someone out there to help me?”
–Duran Duran, Falling Down

Who falls running (not sprinting) on flat, well-paved, not to mention extremely familiar roads in broad daylight?


Apparently, when you’re chatty, sleepy, and unfocused, you’re prone to hurt yourself even on paths you know well. In my four years (and counting) of running, I’ve never fallen. I’ve pulled muscles, blackened toenails, but never gone down. Yes, I am a little angry at myself because the fall was not heroic, not even necessary, but just plain dumb.

Between the time my left foot lifted midair and alighted by gravity to strike the pavement again, I briefly looked down and saw that it was veering further left towards the adjacent grass as it was ready to touch down. At the same moment, I also saw a black hole, an abyss opened up right at the site of my upcoming left foot landing. Before my brain could register: “DANGER-reposition left foot,” the foot was captured briefly by the cavity and twisted right as the rest of my body thrusted forward. My right knee knew better than to let the foot beneath it absorb all the impact, so it valiantly bent itself and plunged onto the cement. The right hand, being such steadfast partners to the knee, stretched itself out as well.

The fall took no longer than three seconds, and my body slided no more than a foot on the ground.  From the brief supine position, I rolled up sitting to examine the damages. Right knee and hand bled instantly, but that’s to be expected. Luckily, I fell near a Team In Training water station so I asked for water to rinse the wound, but she offered antiseptic ointment as well.

I ran the remaining 3/4 of a mile to the car feeling okay. (Another) Dumb thing I did.

A day later, the wounds are healing well. The twisted left leg is, obversely, now making known what pain I have brought on it. Ouch. ouch. ouch.

Lesson learned:
Look where my feet are landing! Focus.
Go to bed early the night before running at 6 a.m.
It is okay to walk after injuring myself because my stubbornness 
can spawn more damage.