gotta keep runnin’
July 20, 2008, 6:25 am
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With the anticipation of Ivy going on a week-long trip, I pushed myself to run our club run alone today (Ivy fell sick). In the past, when one of us is away, the other consider it vacation from running too. This year, it has to be different. With our running club, we have to depend on the other members to get us out there. But hopefully, our running club will soon have more than two regular members. 🙂

I ran our club route again today, and even though my legs didn’t experience the same pump of strength like last week (I didn’t have a ‘haute’ dog last night), I managed to shave another 3 minutes off! That’s a whopping near-6 minutes from the inaugural run!! I’m ecstatic. I felt so strong that I even ran an extra cool down mile.

After Ivy’s trip, then it’ll be my turn to take off for a month. I hope I can still run. I will.