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January 20, 2009, 7:59 pm
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(Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

(Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

What blog in America today can post anything but even a blip about one of the biggest days in our nation’s history?

I am enlivened by what we have accomplished, and will accomplish as a nation. President Obama’s inaugural address moved me, not only to the brink of tears, but to be a better, more responsible citizen to my community, my nation, my planet earth. In the early days of the election, when I was still choosing among Obama, Hillary, or Edwards, I remember a conversation with my friends, J and A, who were decidedly Obama supporters already, about Barack Obama. “At a time when even I’m losing faith in us,” I recall J saying, “Obama still believes in us. I believe he’s genuine about it, and that gives me hope.”

Obama’s speeches throughout the election process, after November 4, and today still reflect that belief. He is calling us to actively participate in bringing changes, thus hope, and to lift ourselves out of the current turmoils instead of sitting back, arms folded, and watch (even worse to just expect) for things to get better.

“By expecting the best of us,” Author Ron Carlson wrote as quoted in the Los Angeles Times, “he just might get it.”

Washington is a huge machine, and not one man (no matter how popular and momentus Obama is right now) will be able accomplish such an arduous task of reforming the system by himself, and it is utterly unfair for us to expect him to turn the world around in the next two years, or even in one term. I am optimistic that change will happen, but it will only materialize in time if we all contribute.

What is life, after all, if it only involves oneself? What faint, colorless footprints will we leave in time if we tread alone out of our mother’s wombs linearly to our graves?

Today was an electrifying day. Grab another drink and belt out more ‘My Country Tis of Thee.’ But let tomorrow be a new day when you and I work to be more accountable neighbors to others. Pick a cause you care about, or find one that you can learn to trouble with, and run for it.

Courtesy of MarathonFoto

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