TEAM EONS for 2010 Houston Half Marathon
January 5, 2009, 7:00 am
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As in years past, after the Honolulu Marathon in December, I take a break from running for about two weeks when I am in Houston for the holidays. But after two weeks of around-the-clock holiday binging and the only muscle movements being my arms reaching for food, it’s very hard to start running again, especially doing so alone. This New Years Day, things changed, and I was excited to get back on the road.

Team EONS (Expert Oncology Network Solutions) was formed on New Years Day 2009 to run the 2010 Houston Half Marathon.  A team of three runners, my cousins and I, started strong with our inaugural run of 2.5 miles around our neighborhood on, suitably, the first day of the year and then a 3.5 mile loop on the following day. We have been talking about running the 2009 Houston Half together earlier in the year, but it is completely sold out. We decide to register early for 2010 as soon as the 2009 one is over (Jan 18).


Since my 6@6 Club (TM) is still a two-women group, running with a group of three is, literally, one step up. Running with others is great for obvious reasons, forming a team, however, has other benefits–sponsorship. Details of the sponsorship have not been discussed, but I presume we’ll at least get some GU gels for the road and maybe a banana or two at the end of our 13.1 miles. We’re still in discussion as to which charity we should run for, but it will most likely be cancer-related. Meanwhile, we’ve established logistics to make the training more rewarding, like logging stats and mapping routes. And yes, sometimes, that part can be more fun than the actual run.