June 23, 2008, 1:06 am
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One day after announcing the 6@6 Clubtm to some friends,

the responses have been either “six miles? what?,” or “6 a.m.? what?”

So to mitigate their fears of running too much too early,we’ll attempt to adjust a little for our first club run without compromising our name–

6 (or less) miles at 6 P.M.
Saturday, 6/28

We’ll run/jog/walk along parts of the HM (Hono marathon) route.
-Start at mile 8 (of the HM route) up on Diamond Hd Rd, park along the lookout
-Continue on DH Rd, passing mile 9
down onto 18th Ave
down onto Kilauea Ave, passing mile 10 (in front of the mint-lawn house)
-Reach Aloha gas station across from Kahala Mall(that’s near mile 11)

-Return to start

For those of you who haven’t run this route before, I promise you that this will be a fun run. This chunk of the HM route is, in my opinion, the best part because
1) our starting point has a gorgeous view of the expansive ocean, a community garden right on the slope, and plentiful eye-candy (surfer dudes and Japanese girls in skimpy bikinis, whichever you’re into),
2) as soon as we start, we go downhill,
3) after the road levels for a bit, we go downhill again until mile 10,

4) the mile 10 mark lies right by a house with a mint-lawn, and with a little breeze, your senses are energized by a whiff of minty freshness.

Now yes, if there are all those downhills, we will have to go UP in the reverse, but by then your quads will be all warmed and ready to try out those hills.

To make our club more legit, I’ll have fresh refreshing fruits ready as post-run fuel. And we can all go grab a bite or a beer afterwards. Nothing builds camaraderie faster than an inadvertant exchange of pheromones and smelly sweat.

Drop me a note if you might show up. Plan to be parked by 5:50pm so that we’ll have a few moments to stretch. And if no one shows up, Ivy and I will still be running, but I’ll just save the same fresh fruits for next week. ;}