The 2009 6@6 Club Marathon Training Plan
September 10, 2009, 8:24 am
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Marathon training has officially begun, two weeks ago. Our goal this year is to PR, beating the 4:30 time. To do so, we need to run about a 10:07 pace for the entire 26.2. Our speedwork pace felt easy to me, I was still able to talk so it is probably time to speed up a bit. What concerns me about this training plan that we are following is that it has us running at 10:58 pace even up to the last training long run but all of a sudden expects a 10:07 pace on race day. Is that realistic? Can adrenaline sustain 26 miles?

I need to consult a running coach on this. It shall be tweaked. But here it is:

1 24-Aug
2 31-Aug
3 7-Sep
4 14-Sep
5 21-Sep
6 28-Sep
7 5-Oct
8 12-Oct
9 19-Oct
10 26-Oct
11 2-Nov
12 9-Nov
13 16-Nov
14 23-Nov
15 30-Nov
16 7-Dec

Sat Sun Total
Long Run Rest 16 miles
Dist: 8 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 18 miles
Dist: 9 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 19 miles
Dist: 10 mi / XT
Easy Run Rest 16 miles
Dist: 5 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 21 miles
Dist: 12 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 23 miles
Dist: 14 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 24 miles
Dist: 16 mi / XT
Easy Run Rest 19 miles
Dist: 6 mi / XT
Easy Run Rest 27 miles
Dist: 18 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 30 miles
Dist: 20 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 28 miles
Dist: 16 mi / XT
Easy Run Rest 23 miles
Dist: 7 mi / XT
Long Run Rest 30 miles
Dist: 20 / XT
Long Run Rest 24 miles
Dist: 12 mi /XT
Long Run 16 miles
Dist: 8 mi
Rest Marathon Race Day 35 miles
/XT 26.2 miles

Updates of the last month

On a more uplifting note, there have been lots of new additions and creations in the last month and a half.

6@6 Club has inducted a new runner since February. Jerry, who is in the US Army Reserve, has started running with us regularly since January to train for his physical exam, for which he needs to meet an 8-something minute mile pace. His exam has been postponed once and again, and he’s still with us, so now he’s a member of the 6@6 Club. He may not know that yet. Go, Jerry, go! (Photo of Jerry to be taken and posted later.)

I finally have a GPS watch! I have been wanting one since July of last year, and for good reasons! (See post gadgets, gadgets, gadgets) Yet with my current running slump, I still have yet to try it out! Instead of the Garmin Forerunner 405, which I had hoped for back then, I got the 305, which actually has better reviews for a fraction of the price.

cf-lgAlmost every runner has one of these. I know I am way behind in the gadget wave, but nonetheless very proud of my ownership.

As for new creations, I have invented many new dishes, with some better than others. I have also collaborated with fellow food-loving friends in trying out exciting recipes. Here are a few highlights.

img_0014My version of a risotto primavera with carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, and haricot verts.

img_0002Smoked shrimp with veggies and sun dried tomatoes pasta garnished with goat cheese

img_0008 img_0011 img_0002_3 img_00141 img_0019 img_0021

A GREAT and highly recommended Lasagna all’Emiliana recipe my friend found on the Food Network site. We made our own lasagna pasta from scratch, and it was worth the work (more fun than work, really). The veal ragu took nearly four hours to simmer, and it is layered with a bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese. It is a must try. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

It has been a pretty good month, I’d say!

TEAM EONS for 2010 Houston Half Marathon
January 5, 2009, 7:00 am
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As in years past, after the Honolulu Marathon in December, I take a break from running for about two weeks when I am in Houston for the holidays. But after two weeks of around-the-clock holiday binging and the only muscle movements being my arms reaching for food, it’s very hard to start running again, especially doing so alone. This New Years Day, things changed, and I was excited to get back on the road.

Team EONS (Expert Oncology Network Solutions) was formed on New Years Day 2009 to run the 2010 Houston Half Marathon.  A team of three runners, my cousins and I, started strong with our inaugural run of 2.5 miles around our neighborhood on, suitably, the first day of the year and then a 3.5 mile loop on the following day. We have been talking about running the 2009 Houston Half together earlier in the year, but it is completely sold out. We decide to register early for 2010 as soon as the 2009 one is over (Jan 18).


Since my 6@6 Club (TM) is still a two-women group, running with a group of three is, literally, one step up. Running with others is great for obvious reasons, forming a team, however, has other benefits–sponsorship. Details of the sponsorship have not been discussed, but I presume we’ll at least get some GU gels for the road and maybe a banana or two at the end of our 13.1 miles. We’re still in discussion as to which charity we should run for, but it will most likely be cancer-related. Meanwhile, we’ve established logistics to make the training more rewarding, like logging stats and mapping routes. And yes, sometimes, that part can be more fun than the actual run.

the psychology of running – happy running
July 13, 2008, 2:33 am
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I feel so happy today. I felt extremely pleasant after our run this morning that I smiled at everyone and everything I saw. The high has worn off a bit as the day progressed, but I am still smiling now as I type.

Back tracking a little, today was only our second club run, repeating what is now our official club route (see map in previous post). After launching the 6@6 ClubTM Inaugural Run with a bang (flashing camera (1) and all), we disbanded temporarily for the July 4th weekend. No one’s schedule matched, so I marched into the gym alone for five miles of pretend running.

Today’s run started at 6 A.M., 6:30, actually. Ivy brought fruit even though it was back to just the two of us. We stretched before the great Pacific, watching numerous surfers riding the white waves. Still unable to ascertain the mile 8 mark, we approximated our start point at the “No Parking” sign.

I started the run with the same thought in my head like many other morning runs: I wish it was raining. Soon, however, the sights and sounds of this route reminded me of our Inaugural Run–an euphoric experience–and my run instantly took on a new direction.

I literally rerun that same run. My legs felt light, my pace was energized, my mind stopped sending “I wish it was raining” signals to my muscles. While I was mentally present in the run, discussing new topics with Ivy, describing to her the crunchy yet juicy ‘haute’ dog I ate last night, my body was running a previous run. At the same spots of the route where I felt a burst of energy last time, a jolt of strength was injected there today.

Suddenly, but again at about mile 5, my legs began to move as if they were motorized. I attempted to slow down because I was unsure of my heart’s capability of handling the speed my legs wished to turn. But they defiantly ignored the feeble signals of the mind, and dashed up those hills while the rest of my body tried to catch up. I finished shaving nearly 3 minutes off of my Inaugural Run time. My only thought, then, was “could the hot dog be responsible for this?”

Or perhaps the body has a much better memory than I realized.

this Saturday
July 10, 2008, 9:04 am
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Calling runners. This week, 7/12, we’ll be running at 6:00 AM. We’ll either do our 6 mile route from the (missing) mile 8 marker, or we’ll start at Kapiolani Park and do a 6.7 mile route.
Leave me a message if you can come join us.
Breakfast and coffee afterwards

Inaugural Run
June 29, 2008, 11:32 pm
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The inaugural run of the 6@6 Club took place yesterday as scheduled. Including Ivy and me, five runners laced up and ran. We even took on an ambassadorial role of showing our guest runner from CA the beautiful land on which we get to run everyday.

5 runners at our 1st run

We watched as Tabitha took more than a few tries to parallel park. She was tired. 🙂

Despite the minor hiccup of not finding the mile-8 marker of the HM route as our starting point, we had a perfect run. The weather was nice, our legs strong, our pace conversational. Three of us ran the whole six miles; two ran four. We finished just before nightfall, and enjoyed the view of the great Pacific with some post-run Maui Gold pineapples.

Post run fuel–I clearly needed some from the way I took this photo.

Our fuel

Our view

till next week…

The run was sheer exhilaration. I must admit that having worked a long day prior to our run, the fleeting thought of bailing out, though fleeted, entered my mind. I am glad I did not succumb to my inner loafer because I am certain that somewhere along the 5th mile up the hill, I experienced the elusive runner’s high. Whether it was the thrill of running with new legs, or the anticipation of a carb-loaded post-run meal, it was a moment of perfect euphoria.

Induction of The 6@6 Club (TM)
June 21, 2008, 2:22 am
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The problems with joining a running club are that we have to run on their schedule, run at their pace (I guess we don’t, but then we won’t look cool), and pay a fee.
The pros of joining one include cool(max) uniforms, runners who know what ‘fartlek’ really means, a big cooler of gatorade, bananas, GU gels waiting for you at triangle park up on Diamond Head Rd, and most importantly, someone will still be running with me (or Ivy) on our faltering dedication days.

There are not many running clubs here on Oahu. There are the big ones like the Mid Pacific Runners Club, or the less intimidating Niketown Running Club, but somehow Ivy and I just stuck with each other to run.

After reading a very inspiring article, The 7 at 7 Club (TM), in the April issue of Runner’s World, I was very…inspired. Two middle-age men in Brooklyn started their own running club. The “grassroot nature” of a running club, in Sullivan’s words, is “about getting the other guy out there running so that he will do the same for you.” Well, Ivy and I do that for each other most of the time. Before we started running together two years ago, Ivy only runs between August to December. We now run throughout the year, cloudy or shine (that’s right, we still don’t run when it rains). But we’ve been having one too many ‘faltering dedication days’ that as we near August, the official start of the marathon training season, we need to expand our running circle in hopes of fortifying our will to get out the door each morning.

And so, without further ado, let me introduce you to

the 6@6 ClubTM.
We run six miles at 6 a.m. on Saturdays.

Other than that general rule, I have nothing else for now. Suggestions are welcomed, and we need not be zealots about the number six, or it will become cultish.

Ivy and I usually run three times a week, either M, W, Sat, or T, R, Sat. We don’t run fast. When we’re not in training, we often talk too much (often about food) that it’s hardly a run. Once we start our training plan, we aim for a 9:33 to 9:42 pace (not exactly, I chose those numbers instead of a rounding 9:30 to 9:45 so that you’ll think I know the exact science of pacing. It worked, didn’t it??).

We may not always run six miles at 6 a.m., but I’ll call it that just because the Brooklyn guys do the same. Yes, I’m blatantly copying the guys’ idea, but I see it as a tribute to them because their idea enlivened me.