how sweeet it is!

Houston Rockets WINS!!!!

We (the Rockets) advanced to the SECOND round of playoffs for the first time in 12 years! That’s a long time.

I have been a Rockets fan since I was 9 years old. This is perhaps what got me hooked (skip to 4:00 in for most crucial moment)

I still remember watching this moment of Houston beating the reigning Lakers with¬† Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar out of the Western Conference title in the living room of my cousins’ house. With my uncle being a long time Rockets fan, the games were always on at his house. Once I experienced the excitement of a playoff game, I followed the Rockets into that year (1985)’s championship series.

Admittedly, something other than the excitement of the games kept me watching.

petersenOh, #43, Jim Petersen, with an ‘e’, not ‘o,’ how I loved that name, that face, and those shorts!

I became a fan fast. I watched every game I could. I kept binders, organized by seasons, of newspaper clippings about the Rockets, especially when Petersen was mentioned. But since the majority of the games were on during homework hours (I was in elementary school), my mom would not let me watch them. The loyal fan that I was and determined to catch every game live, I furtively hid a small radio inside my desk drawer with its volume turned audible just to me but not to my mom passing outside my door to check on me. In the event that my mom does come into my room, I closed the drawer and spoke to her loudly so that the cheering from radio could not be heard.

I also drew and colored this logo more often than I can remember. To me, this is the Rockets logo.


From the days of the Twin Towers


to the new era of TMac and Yao,


we have only won two back-to-back championships¬† in 1994 and 1995. Since then (actually, 1997) the Rockets has never made it past the first round again–until NOW. This is huge for us.

Fast forward to 2009, I am still a Houston fan. I like to believe that I am still the loyal and hardcore fan as I was back in elementary school, just not exhibiting those qualities the same way. I don’t draw or color the team logo anymore (the new one is not very drawable anyway); I don’t collect newspaper clippings; I don’t even have any Rockets gears. So on this historic day, I decided not to just sit at home and cheer at the television, but take my enthusiasm out to my uncaring community instead.

I marched down to a local sports bar alone, unabashedly displaying my homemade vintage Rockets t-shirt, ordered a beer, a huge mound of nachos, and quietly waited for my game to start. The Celtics/Bulls game went into three over times, so my game was not broadcast until the second half! The only thing to do was to keep stuffing my mouth with nachos and half-heartedly cheered on the Bulls, the underdog. Once my game started, I made more noise and commotion than the bar had heard the entire afternoon even though it was not nearly as exciting as the Celtics/Bulls game. The bartender, who initially laughed at my makeshift team shirt, was won over by my loyal enthusiasm and jokingly refused to let me leave.


Houston won by a healthy margin of 92-76, dispatching the Trailblazers and advancing themselves to face the Lakers in Round 2. It will be a tough series ahead, but for now, let’s enjoy the victory and the sweetness of it all.