The Elders – A Coming of Age

This post is simply to plug my friend’s documentary film project. I have nothing to do with it except donated a very small amount in support of this worthy undertaking. Nathaniel Hansen, an independent film maker currently living in Boston, is working on a documentary film about aging that will take him across the country.


A feature-length documentary, The Elders uses stylized interview portraits of elderly individuals to tell a universal story about life’s most important lessons. Thematically organized around life lessons that reflect a wide range of human emotion and experience, the film seeks to reveal a larger more complex portrait of our shared humanity.

The project is funded through, a site that allows artists to test the viability of their ideas through “crowdfunding.” Nathaniel, like other artists proposing their idea on the site, had a fixed amount of time to raise a predetermined amount of money  to support his endeavor. While I’m sure it was nail-bitingly nerve wrecking for Nathaniel as he watched the clock clicking, it was rather easy for many of his friends, like myself, family, and even strangers to see its value and contribute. At the end of the pledging period, $12,600 was raised through Kickstarter, sending Nathaniel on the road to interview various elderly individuals “to tell a universal story about life’s important lessons.”

To find out more details about this exciting project, or to follow Nathaniel’s journey, please go to The Elders. You can also follow the progress on its facebook page.


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