June 13, 2010, 1:12 am
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I love a good invention. Who doesn’t?

And having just been to a baseball game and paid $4 for a bottle of Dasani, which is just tap water, I wish there was an alternative.


Introducing BOBBLE REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE–Filter water as you drink.

I saw it at Hills Kitchen in Washington DC earlier this week. My friend Amy already has a green Bobble and highly recommends it; the lady working there said she received one for free to sample the product, so she has unabashedly put it through distress and found it durable. For $10, it should be a good investment.

The bottle is BPA free, it is recommended that the filter be replaced every two months, and the filter is priced at $6.95. I got myself a yellow one to match my sunny disposition (and my moped). I quickly tried it out at the nearest public water fountain I could find. You are instructed to first fill the bottle with water and squeeze it out. Black water comes out in the first few squeezes as the carbon in the filter is rinsed out, then the water runs clear and it’s good to drink. (Well, I’d refilled a new bottle, of course). The result is good tasting water. I was impressed.

Now I can breeze pass security in airports, sport arenas with my modern, chic armor, and no longer have to be bullied into paying ridiculous amounts for tap water.


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that is cool!!!! I’m going to call GNC here and see if they have it….I just spent two dollars on Dasani b/c I forgot my filtered water at home. This will solve that problem!

Comment by anne

Amazon has it, if anything, and it’s eligible for free shipping.

Comment by winnies0

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