A pleasant surprise
June 12, 2010, 4:32 pm
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I have been living in Hawaii for the past 5 years. I love it and wish that the island chain was a little (actually a lot) closer to the continent because each time I have to get off the rock, it’s a long and expensive plane ride. It’s agonizing to admit that it is time to move on.

It took me quite a while to be mentally ready to move, then it’s WHERE to? I already know that the east coast is where I need to be; it is where opportunities are. But WHERE?

I took an audition in Philadelphia last week, and was very pleasantly surprised by the visit. The only other time I have ever visited the city was years ago when I went with a tour group through DC and Philly. The only thing I remember about Philly was sleepily descending the tour bus and touched the Liberty Bell. It may be that I was there for only two days this time, and by the end of the 48 hours (or a little less), I am still in the honeymoon stage with it, but the city was nothing like its bad rep. “You just need to know where to NOT go,” says my gracious host about Philly. And that is true with any city, even Hawaii.

It was the perfect east coast weather–sunny, cool, crisp air. West Philly and Center City remind me of Boston, where I went to school for two years. Both cities have the Old World vibe with much history, but Philly is less nerdy. I walked around the neighborhood for hours while mentally taking notes of the city. Much of the things I need in a city, Philly’s got it. There were runners and bicyclists everywhere. There’s a runner store with the utmost perfect name: PR (Philadelphia Runner). Then there’s the best coffee I’ve had in recent years (aside from the coffee in Italy last year): La Colombe. And even though I didn’t get to eat out much, I hear that Philly’s got quite a food scene. I consulted my host about the neighborhood, the rent, public transportation, and I even went into the grocery store to check out prices–all in all, a good place to be. On top of that, there’s the Bolt Bus, much like the chinatown bus in Boston that will bring me to Manhattan in two hours for $15.

So this city of Brotherly Love may be a good candidate for relocation, but I’m also looking into the DC/Baltimore area where I have close friends. Friends can make a huge difference in a new, foreign city.


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Cool! I love east coast cities in the spring/summer! Not so much the winter……DC/Baltimore would be sooooo fun!!! You could go anywhere on public trans, and I can come visit!

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