Time and timing
June 5, 2010, 1:37 am
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Timing is everything. Life is really just time–time filled with adventures, accomplishments, regrets, and memories of all those. The clock is ticking on everyone. We all want more of it, or to do more in it. Make more products per hour, run farther in less time. Even those of us whose 24 hours aren’t filled with non stop action like Jack, but actually have time to kill want more time.

I am, for example, sitting here waiting for the day to cool down so I could go out for my run. The time I am so-called ‘killing’ right now with writing is time I don’t need because I am unable to use it to do what I wish to do. Once this day starts to cool and I’m out there running, I will be wishing that night doesn’t fall so soon so that I can run longer and maybe adding a biking session. This means that what we all want isn’t really just time itself, but time that is fulfilled with the desired.

So timing is managing time, doing certain things at certain time.  But there are variables that are not within my control, and I can’t make everything work. That always results with me feeling guilty about not maximizing time, or feeling disappointed because I have no control of those variables. That’s just how I feel today.


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Hey Winnie! I used to feel that way alot….sometimes still do. Then I realized that’s not living in the moment, that’s always living in the future, the whole “what’s next” mentality. Then I figured out it’s not “what’s next” it’s “what is, right now”. So much easier to enjoy things that way. If I live always wanting to fill my time with what is desired rather than what is, I spend alot of time being disappointed. Only took me 30 some years to figure that out…..

Comment by anne

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