Mid Year Check-in
June 1, 2010, 9:55 pm
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When I said I’ll be back in September, I certainly didn’t think the break would be a 9-month hiatus. In fact, I have a draft of an “I’m back” post from December that never got written either. But it’s already the middle of this ‘new’ year, it may well be a good day to touch base.

On Running–

I finished the Honolulu Marathon in Dec 2009, after which I went to see an orthopedic doctor about a lingering knee pain since October. He put me in physical therapy for eight weeks, and I am a new woman because of it. A gait analysis in December showed, in slow motion, a video of me running that I could barely stand to watch. The ghastly sight of my problem foot (right) striking the treadmill in a jerky, convulsive movement was enough to send myself for help. Two months of miraculous PT work, nightly (almost) lunges and dead lifts in front of the TV, and the gait analysis two weeks ago showed a completely transformed runner. I could not believe how normal both of my feet strike the ground now. I am switching from a heavy stability shoe to a neutral pair. It feels like the training wheels are coming off.

On Cross Training–

I hardly ran during the two months of physical therapy. In fear of losing endurance and fitness, I started to cross train, namely swimming and stand-up paddling (SUP). When surf is too high for my abilities, I am working to correct my swimming form in the pool. And I have recently acquired a road bike. These cross trainings are looking to be a triathlon in the making!

On Living–

I was never an athletic kid, but somewhere along the road, I’ve become a lover of the outdoors, nature, and ample sunshine. Aside from music-making, I am never as happy indoors as I am out. I love living in Hawaii now, but it’s also time to move on for my career’s sake. Everything will fall into place when the time comes. I don’t know where I’ll be next, but hopefully a place where classical music is thriving with mountains in my backyard.


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