The strangest question asked of me on a run
June 24, 2009, 9:35 pm
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During my half marathon race last week, I was asked the most enlightening question on any run:

“So what did you eat for breakfast this morning?” asked Rosie.

“uhhh…,” I replied in mild shock at the question, “I don’t eat before I run, you do?”

“What? You didn’t eat before running 13 miles?” Rosie questioned in matching amazement.

After giving my lengthy reasoning on why I don’t eat before running, which are mainly the lack of habit, rolling out of bed ten minutes before I get picked up does not give me time to eat, and fear of GI issues if I ate before running, Rosie drops another edifying line:

“or maybe if you eat before you run, you’ll be running three hour marathons.”

I have honestly NEVER thought of fueling my runs; I only think about refueling my body afterward. And even then, I never follow the within-the-hour post run rule of replenishing my muscles.

Maybe I will try eating before my next run. But it means I would have to either wake up earlier (uggh!) or just stuff quick food in my mouth…but I like to enjoy my food. What to do??

eggs benedict

Runners, do you all eat before you run?


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ha I love that this is the strangest question ever asked of you on a run…this is a totally common question for me!!

Comment by rosie

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