March 13, 2009, 8:24 am
Filed under: Life

There’s something to be said about expectations. The forecast predicted heavy downpours and thunderstorms starting today and through the weekend, I woke up expecting dark, dreary skies as it has been the frequent scene for the past month.

I opened my eyes promptly at 7:45 a.m. this morning to warm rays that rallied my sleepy bedroom. Within minutes of my languid brain registering this unanticipated sight, I rushed out of bed to get ready. Ready to be outdoor. This day I only had to work until 12p.m. (it’s great to be freelancing), so I packed up my running gear, beach necessities, and hopped on my moped to work–after a perky cup of coffee, of course.

I could not wait for work to be over. I kept staring out the window, at the velvety smooth blue sky with not a cloud in sight. As soon as work was done, I laced up and started up the hill for a 4.2 mile loop. It was my first run in almost three weeks. As unfit as I am, I felt an incredible surge of energy running up the hill. I am, admittedly, easily affected by weather (I am working on willfully improving that). Dreary, rainy days make me lethargic; crisp, sunny skies invigorates me. This day followed that formula.

The ease with which I ran up that seemingly unyielding hill today made me wonder if it was all psychological. Maybe it was the surprisingly gorgeous day which contradicted all expectations that injected the needed dose of strength and stamina to live up to this day because tomorrow will not look the same.

Life should be lived the same way, I suppose. If I can always live today anticipating tomorrow to emerge differently, I will perhaps always have the grit and vigor to live up to life.



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