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January 19, 2009, 6:37 pm
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This is how I felt this morning coming home from my run at the sight of this:


Alas, my long awaited shoes, New Balance 859, has arrived! A Christmas morning moment all over again except that I’m back to kefir from eggnog. The sight inside the package made me giddy like a marbled piece of steak does to a (many) man.



In recent months, I have started to notice my increasing enthusiasm for running gear shopping–shoes, running tops, sports bras, socks, shorts, caps–the list goes on. The tipping of the scale may now have toppled over as I hardly fancy shopping for normal attire. If I could, I would live in my running outfits. The truth is that I have never been able to function in these.


While they look great, how do women walk in them? I’ve seen with my own eyes that there are women who can even run on cobblestone in them! I admire their athleticism. Right now, I’m much more into my lightweight, durable footwear that offers inner foot support and corrects my pronation, not to mention that they’re a beauty in their own right.

img_0006 img_0011 img_0014

I realize that I may need a nomination to see Stacy London pretty soon if this healthy inclination spirals me into a bum lounger. Please call for intervention if you see me in Addidas at the opera. 106922_xl


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