January 12, 2009, 5:29 am
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They say everything is bigger in Texas, it’s true. Land, freeways, houses, vehicles, food, and people-almost all things are supersized here. We have Super Targets (yay!) and Super Walmarts (boo!); the Costcos here are fearfully gigantic, although, thankfully, its portions are still kept at the standard size.

I drove by a certain Cupcake Cafe yesterday, whose $3.50 giant cupcakes were supposedly very decent. It was a 40-degree day, and a Texas size cupcake with a steaming cup of joe sounded perfect for the afternoon. As soon as I opened the door, I locked eyes with the gargantuan frosted cakes before me. For a moment, I saw and heard nothing else inside the cafe, and even rudely ignored the hello said to me by the man behind the sweet, sweet case. I realized (and for a second empathized) then that that must be how men feel when they rudely ogle at certain body parts on females in public.

There were not many varieties to choose from: carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate, double chocolate, turtle. Just as I was ready to order, I saw that there were regular size cupcakes in another part of the case, which are, in this cafe, referred to as the minis. I laughed.

I ordered one giant carrot cake and one giant red velvet to go, thinking it might be just right for my family to share since they are not big sweeties like me. In fact, I started doubting how big this cake really is, and two cakes were probably not enough. Brewing a cup of coffee at home, lifting the red velvet out of the box, I realized how wrong I was to doubt “Texas size.”


And that pomegranate was of the Lone Star State standard too! Amazing.

It is no wonder Houston has been crowned the Fattest City in America twice in the last five years as this is the typical serving size of a Texas meal–3 egg veggie omelette, pancake (look at the size of that!), hash browns and toast,


and how about a southern classic, biscuits & gravy.


While it is deliciously satisfying, unfortunately, the incredible portions do come with an big price tag–health.

img_0001_31img_0002_31img_0003_3Take care, Houstonians. Maybe consider joining Team EONS.


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