Six-Word Stories of MMVIII (2008)
December 11, 2008, 3:21 pm
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I asked my friends to write a six-word story(es)  summarizing their year of MMVIII.  The exercise was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s shortest story written:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

2008 has not been a nice year for many of us, but recounting the year and trying to condense it to just six words may surprise you by what memories actually resurface.  Here are what I’ve compiled from my friends, those who replied, and I’ll keep updating them if I receive new ones. Meanwhile, please feel free to add yours here if you so fancy.


marriage, baby, floors, NYC, Okino, creation.


Jesus Year???  Subverted by the Chinese…

Must read more weird “frenchie” stuff…


Rescued Bruiser.  Rescued myself; unused xanax.

Married 5 years; in winter wonderland.
Fun ‘dog house’ evenings; great neighbors.
“A New Earth’ tamed my ego.


Be fruitful in every good work.


Built new house, happy but exhausted.
Five parties, four weeks.  We’re crazy!
Despite new house, cat fur everywhere!
Beware!  Crazy drivers on Campbell Ave.  (for Alton)
Rat year!  I am uhhh… 24.
Resolution: unpack boxes by next Christmas.


when I’m grown-up suddenly becomes now…


Change is your friend …. no, really.


The tumor was not so benign.

Doc, can the anesthesia erase more?


New life in many different breaths.


From west to east, still spinning.


Can I take the big step?

Learned, I love my friends’ voices.


God is good all the time.

It’s okay not to have baby.


the heaviest number i know: 3-0


Forty, kinda like thirty, but not.


I ran, and kept on running.


Life changes. Friendship. Accident. Second chance.


Please God, let the recession end!


In a much wider scope, Wikipedia chronicled of the major events of this tumultuous year of 2008.


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