Ain’t it a cupcake night


After a gratifying, but quick, soup dinner, I hurried over to my friend’s place to start our cupcake extravaganza. Tabitha made cupcakes the night before, so we spent our time coming up with frosting recipes.

We first tried a lilikoi cream cheese frosting, then a green tea cream cheese frosting.  Both were good on its own, but the chocolate cake was too intense for the flavor of either frosting to come through.  Both competed with the chocolate, and both lost.

The dilemma with the lilikoi flavor is that since we’re using frozen concentrate juice, it dilutes the frosting and makes it too runny.  But to harden it, we’d need more powdered sugar, which would further make it too sweet.

Our next attempt will be to make white cakes and put the frostings to the test again.  Upcoming ideas include pumpkin cupcakes, banana foster cupcakes, citrus cupcakes with Ficoco (fig & chocolate) filling.

It’s just for fun right now, but who knows, maybe this is our true calling.


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yum! you should check out this blog. There are no more new entries but have tons of recipies…
happy baking!

Comment by Mindy

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