what now?
November 12, 2008, 2:03 pm
Filed under: babble

The start of this journal was to keep me motivated to train smarter and faster for the marathon–the marathon I now have a high chance of not running after all.

boo.  boo.  boo.

I have been looking for a road bike so that I can maintain my cardio and legs for December 14.  I am discouraged to find a bike now when even riding my moped (my usual mode of transportation) is painful.  Two days ago, my weepy day, I cried on my moped for the first time.  Thank God for sunglasses.  You see, while this island is the perfect place for mopeds and scooters in terms of our overwhelming gas prices, Hawaii, the Pothole State, with its under-developed roadway infrastructure, is not very two-wheeled friendly.  Every time I rode over a dip, a pothole, or a crack in the asphalt, it sent a jolt of pain to my wound, or the better image (or not) is my wound as the shock absorbing the impact.

It’s been over a week since I have engaged in any form of exercise.  They tell me it takes a lot of energy for my body to restore to good health, and I just have to be patient.  My mind wants to move but my body will not follow suit.

So what do I use this space for now?


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