Running is kicking my butt…
September 10, 2008, 6:47 pm
Filed under: Running

Having been on a fabulous trip for nearly a month, and having run only three times during that time, I returned to training last week.

It’s sometimes very discouraging to know that despite all the hard training, my fitness level can plummet within just three days of not running. I ran a very difficult six miles this weekend, nearly 9 minutes slower than the last time before my fantastic trip. This morning’s tempo run really kicked my butt. I huffed and puffed, my legs were tired. Of the three miles at tempo run pace, I could only finish one of them at pace.

My running form is suffering. I pulled back muscles running on Monday; my neck hurts right now. I have only 13 weeks before the marathon. The goal for a PR feels rather far fetched at the moment.