the 2008 Olympic Games got me out the door
August 9, 2008, 4:54 am
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Jetlag, sweltering August Houston heat, no two-woman running club to get me out the door, unfamiliar neighborhoods–it was more than difficult to find inspiration to lace up today.

But in the spirit of the Olympic games–Just Do It–or Nike’s, I guess, I went out the door, and made my running club proud by doing 6 miles, with fartleks and hill sprints, in good pace.
I imagined myself being one of the competing marathoners, running what must be the consummating race of a long and arduous training period. Of course, my imagination only needed to sustain for less a forth of that distance.

The reward for my valiant efforts today was far from being able to stand proudly on an Olympic podium with a medal around my neck. Instead, I hummed my national anthem as I filled my plate with wings & fries, fajitas, thai curry, and pani puri–the amalgamation of diversity–now, that’s the spirit of the Olympics.

(I must stop. I’m watching the Opening Ceremony as I type. I must admit that this is quite impressive. That Olympic flame lighting was awesome! Nike should take note, that should be your AirNike ad!)