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July 28, 2008, 6:58 am
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I’m not very tech savvy. I own a phone, a laptop, an iPod–no other gadgets. On our runs, I rely on Ivy and her mighty Timex stopwatch to judge my efforts. But with my Timer on a trip this week, I had to hold my phone in my hands on my runs (running with the phone in my shorts pocket almost pulled my shorts down)–a real drag.

I started wishing for my very own timer watch. All I need, I tell myself, is a simple sports watch. No fancy features needed. Simply googling ‘running watch,’ I was astonished by the plethora of sport watches available, each with a more advanced feature than the other models. Amazing what can be measured by a little wrist watch! I’ve been living under a rock (well, I suppose I do live on one.).

Sport watches these days not only tell time, they monitor heart rate, calories, pace, distance, location, temperature. It’s far from being just a watch as I know it; it can be a GPS, a barometer, a personal trainer. Certain models can calculate mile splits and even wirelessly transfer data to a computer to be reviewed and analyzed.

Of all the watches I researched on, the Polar RS800 has the coolest features, although the watch face is likely twice the size of my wrist. It is probably too fancy for a recreational runner like me. But a girl can, and should, always wish.

I did find a more modest model (modest in features, certainly not price)–the Garmin Forerunner 405. I wish they had an orange one to match my shoes, but the green one would be great too. Now the waiting game begins…for a sale, or a gift (wink, wink!)


gotta keep runnin’
July 20, 2008, 6:25 am
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With the anticipation of Ivy going on a week-long trip, I pushed myself to run our club run alone today (Ivy fell sick). In the past, when one of us is away, the other consider it vacation from running too. This year, it has to be different. With our running club, we have to depend on the other members to get us out there. But hopefully, our running club will soon have more than two regular members. 🙂

I ran our club route again today, and even though my legs didn’t experience the same pump of strength like last week (I didn’t have a ‘haute’ dog last night), I managed to shave another 3 minutes off! That’s a whopping near-6 minutes from the inaugural run!! I’m ecstatic. I felt so strong that I even ran an extra cool down mile.

After Ivy’s trip, then it’ll be my turn to take off for a month. I hope I can still run. I will.

the psychology of running – happy running
July 13, 2008, 2:33 am
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I feel so happy today. I felt extremely pleasant after our run this morning that I smiled at everyone and everything I saw. The high has worn off a bit as the day progressed, but I am still smiling now as I type.

Back tracking a little, today was only our second club run, repeating what is now our official club route (see map in previous post). After launching the 6@6 ClubTM Inaugural Run with a bang (flashing camera (1) and all), we disbanded temporarily for the July 4th weekend. No one’s schedule matched, so I marched into the gym alone for five miles of pretend running.

Today’s run started at 6 A.M., 6:30, actually. Ivy brought fruit even though it was back to just the two of us. We stretched before the great Pacific, watching numerous surfers riding the white waves. Still unable to ascertain the mile 8 mark, we approximated our start point at the “No Parking” sign.

I started the run with the same thought in my head like many other morning runs: I wish it was raining. Soon, however, the sights and sounds of this route reminded me of our Inaugural Run–an euphoric experience–and my run instantly took on a new direction.

I literally rerun that same run. My legs felt light, my pace was energized, my mind stopped sending “I wish it was raining” signals to my muscles. While I was mentally present in the run, discussing new topics with Ivy, describing to her the crunchy yet juicy ‘haute’ dog I ate last night, my body was running a previous run. At the same spots of the route where I felt a burst of energy last time, a jolt of strength was injected there today.

Suddenly, but again at about mile 5, my legs began to move as if they were motorized. I attempted to slow down because I was unsure of my heart’s capability of handling the speed my legs wished to turn. But they defiantly ignored the feeble signals of the mind, and dashed up those hills while the rest of my body tried to catch up. I finished shaving nearly 3 minutes off of my Inaugural Run time. My only thought, then, was “could the hot dog be responsible for this?”

Or perhaps the body has a much better memory than I realized.

this Saturday
July 10, 2008, 9:04 am
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Calling runners. This week, 7/12, we’ll be running at 6:00 AM. We’ll either do our 6 mile route from the (missing) mile 8 marker, or we’ll start at Kapiolani Park and do a 6.7 mile route.
Leave me a message if you can come join us.
Breakfast and coffee afterwards

July 6, 2008, 9:30 pm
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It’s been a busy week. Busy working, busy barbequing, busy celebrating a very happy 4th. I ran only once this week, but it was a decent speed workout at the track so I am glad to give my legs a break. With all the rustic, hearty steaks, wings, hot dogs all washed down by cold beer, I tried out more delicate flavors earlier in the week.

My latest favorite dish is pan-fried gnocchi, which I have had at several restaurants recently.
So I recreated the dish with a few different ingredients.

Pan-fried gnocchi with pancetta, portabello, onions, peas, and oregano with parmigiano-reggiano


After a rather rough and angry day at work, I couldn’t wait to get home and start cooking. Food is comforting, cooking is cathartic. I soon forgot that I was angry.

The whole meal took less than 45 minutes to make. My debut try with those little pillows was much easier than anticipated. In addition, I made my friend’s creation of a spinach bruschetta topped with pecorino romano. Delicious food, bountiful wine, and great company made my evening. I look forward to getting back on the road next week.